When it’s time to remodel an outdoor kitchen, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. There is such a wealth of ideas for updating your outdoor space that it’s challenging to settle on just one. To get you started, the team at Reliance Cabinetry compiled this list of three simple ideas.

1. Consider Custom Cabinetry when you remodel an outdoor kitchen

One of the primary reasons our clients begin an outdoor kitchen remodel is that the space no longer works for them. They may not have enough storage space, counter space, or places for the family to gather around and make meals. Installing custom cabinetry can add additional storage and counter space as necessary. For example, an island of cabinets with a marble countertop can also double as a breakfast bar.

2. Stain the Wood

If you’re an existing customer, you already know the benefits of installing our custom cabinetry. Perhaps, however, you want to change the look. Staining unstained wood is a simple way to create an impactful change without breaking the bank. Simply sand away the old clear sealant to expose the raw wood. It is worth the effort to take a little extra time here because it prepares the surface to soak up the stain. The better your preparation, the better and more durable the final result. Next, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and evenly apply the stain. Allow it to soak in and dry and, if necessary, apply another coat. Again, allow it to dry and see if you might need to touch up some of the areas. When you are happy with the coverage and color, apply a clear sealant to lock in the shade and create a lasting finish. If you want to take things a step further, get new handles for the cabinets as well. The primary advantage of this method is that it can completely change the look. Everyone will think you had new cabinets put in, so it’s up to you if you want to let them in on the secret or not. Staining your cabinets is one of the best and easiest ways to remodel an outdoor kitchen and revamp its overall look.

3. Install a Multi-Use Fire Pit

Installing a multi-use fire pit is one of the team’s favorite outdoor kitchen design ideas. The pit itself makes for an excellent focal point and gathering place. On those chilly evenings, your guests can congregate around the pit to roast wieners or marshmallows. Add a grill top, and you have an additional cooking surface too.

Are You Ready for Your Outdoor Kitchen Remodel?

Do you need some help with the remodel? Would you like to add more counter space or your dream bar area? How about a small book nook so that the kids have something to entertain themselves with while you’re preparing lunch? The Reliance Cabinetry team is creative and more than willing to assist you when you remodel an outdoor kitchen. Call us at (912)-344-6500 to discuss what you wish to do with the space and let us assist with the renovations, counters, and cabinetry.
Edward Myers