Selection of Cabinet Hardware & Accessories

Make a statement with your kitchen drawers and cabinets by installing beautiful handcrafted knobs and pulls from Reliance LLC.

Richmond Hill, GA, is an attractive place to build a home and put down roots. This town is one of the safest in America. Automotive magnate Henry Ford set up a winter residence here in the 1940s. Eighty years later, people across the country are looking to do the same, as more postwar homes and bungalows are cropping up all over town.

When prospective homeowners are thinking about building a house, they often think in terms of general styling. They think of the color of the walls, the type of doors and windows they are going to install, and the materials they will use for a roof. However, whenever a guest comes into your home, the first things they will notice are the small accents and accessories that populate your living room, dining area, and kitchen.

At Reliance Cabinetry LLC, we have a broad range of cabinet hardware and accessories to complete your new home or any renovation project. We have top-of-the-line crown moldings, cabinet knobs and pulls, and an array of design elements to accentuate your kitchen’s aesthetic. We also have draw runners and close hinges from the USA, Europe, and Asia that will age gracefully in your home.

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The Benefits of Choosing the Right Cabinet Hardware

According to a study by Food Navigator USA, about 54% of Americans between 18 and 73 years old now cook or bake more at home after realizing that doing so is healthier and more cost-effective than getting takeout during the COVID pandemic.

Having an inviting kitchen will encourage you to try out more recipes, save money, help your family eat healthier, and find cooking more relaxing.

Choosing the correct cabinet hardware and accessories will make your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing while improving its utility. Plates, pans, and cooking utensils will be easier to access and put away thanks to the durable knobs, pulls, and grips that you can get from Reliance LLC.

The Different Kinds of Cabinet Hardware


Knobs are like handles, but they are more cost-effective, versatile, and minimalistic. You can use them for both cabinets and drawers with only a single screw to secure them in place. Most interior designers use them for drawers and cabinet doors beneath sinks and countertops, as users generally do not want to squat and exert themselves to push or pull these doors open.


Pulls are slightly more expensive than knobs. They can make a more aggressive or minimalistic design statement, and they come in many different shapes and sizes.

Most pulls need two screws to hold them in place, and because of their linear appearance, they tend to complement drawers and cabinets that are not round.

Choosing Knobs and Pulls

When you envision your kitchen, write down what you are trying to communicate through its design elements. Do you want your guests to see luxury, practicality, or a hint of both? Are you going for a modern industrial aesthetic or a historical brownstone feel?

kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen’s overall style will dictate the knobs and pulls you should choose. For a look that communicates historical heritage, you can choose from following:

Vintage brass knobs

Round dish knobs

Knurled knobs

Crystal knobs

Natural brass and nickel pulls

For a more modern kitchen, you can choose from these options:

Asymmetrical pulls

Minimalistic brass pulls and knobs

Polished nickel or black steel edge pulls

selection of cabinet hardware

Contact Reliance Cabinetry LLC for Your Cabinet Hardware Needs

At Reliance, our design professionals find that the tiniest kitchen design elements can be the most contentious part of remodeling projects. These changes will accentuate and complete your cooking environment.

For all of your cabinet hardware needs and design decisions, consult the experts by calling Reliance LLC to schedule an appointment.

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