Kitchen Cabinetry Services in Henderson, GA

If you live in Henderson, making a change to your kitchen cabinetry is an excellent way to increase the value of your home, bring new life to your kitchen, and impress your guests. Remodeling the entire kitchen allows you to add appliances, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and lighting. 

Reach out today for a free estimate and to learn how we can turn your kitchen into the best room in your house. Upgrading your kitchen with our cabinets, storage, and countertops is the perfect way to make your home feel brand new. We also help real estate investors who are looking to flip homes, as well as anyone who is building a custom home.

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New Henderson kitchen cabinetry

New Kitchen Cabinets

The most obvious part of any kitchen is the cabinets. We can custom build new cabinets for your kitchen, reface your current cabinets, or change the layout of the room entirely. Using the cabinets as a sort of “floor plan” for the kitchen, we can then add other features.

From start to finish, we work with you to create the perfect kitchen no matter your design preference. We are happy to create cabinets that match the style of your home. Whether your home exudes country cottage, log cabin, or some other style, we can add touches to the cabinets that make them stand out.

Glass doors make it easy to see everything you have in the kitchen. Special hardware updates the space, and matching or decorative hinges simply make the cabinets look opulent, unique, and attractive.

New Built-Ins

Because we handle custom cabinets every day, we understand that customers also want built-ins that complement the kitchen. The design of your kitchen might include a special desk or work area. We can add a built-in cabinet or bookshelf above that desk to make it more functional. Furthermore, we can add built-ins to the closets or pantries. We can also create more storage around the room.

You may want your wine glasses, pie dishes, and cake stands out where guests can see them. If so, we will create a display case that is just the right size for your items. Moreover, we can add a built-in coffee or tea station that accommodates your coffeemaker and holds all your tea cups and coffee mugs.

New Countertops

When we add new countertops to any kitchen, the room takes on a different personality. Countertops are often the most important thing to our customers, so we offer a wide range of finishes and styles. If you have your heart set on a particular type of countertop, let us know so that we can add those elements to the room. Plus, our design experts will help you choose countertops that complement the coloring and design of the space. We will find something that is both attractive and easy to manage.

Contact Reliance Cabinetry for a Free Estimate

Contact our team at Reliance Cabinetry, and we will handle your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry needs in Henderson, GA. We provide everything you need, design the space from scratch, and do professional work in any home. If you want a kitchen that is fit for royalty, call us at 803-201-1380 or email us using the this form.

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