Building a custom gun cabinet is a great way to ensure your gun collection is safe and secure. Aside from the protective factors, you may want to consider how you can add personal touches. Keeping your guns in an artisanal safe additionally complements your home’s design. 

Safe Gun Cabinets

The most important thing about your custom gun cabinet is its safety. Nobody else should have access to your gun cabinet, and it should have as many security features as possible. Safe gun cabinets ensure that your guns are always in a secure location and that they won’t present an accessible danger to your household.  Gun cabinets are best in a hidden part of the home. For example, a spare closet, a dormant basement area, or a finished garage space are great locations for your safe gun cabinet. A secure gun cabinet has at least one password-protected guard, if not more.

Solid Wood Cabinetry

Solid wood gun safes are a great way to give your space a luxurious feel. For smaller gun safes, solid wood offers quality protection. You’ll want to treat your cabinet with wood oil to keep it from warping during the dry winter. Climate control or a dehumidifier is an excellent precaution to take when considering how to maintain solid wood.  Selecting solid wood for your gun storage ensures the protection of your collection for the long term. Since wood can stand up to the test of time, you can expect to have your gun safe for your lifetime. In addition, if you’re from a family of gun enthusiasts, you can pass your safe down through the generations. Likewise, a solid wood gun safe makes for a great gift. A treasured gun cabinet is a great item that any gun lover will cherish. That said, if you give a gun cabinet as a gift, ensure it has the necessary safety precautions. 

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is always desirable in the home, especially for a gun cabinet. If your guns mean a lot to you, you want to house them in a specially crafted space. Custom cabinetry gives you options to do things like:
  • Include special engraving
  • Select the right kind of wood
  • Choose knobs, hooks, and other details
  • Integrate hidden nooks
  • Create the perfect storage solutions
  A custom gun cabinet allows you to integrate the build directly into your home. Not only will you have your private gun safe, it will increase your home’s value. For example, it may benefit your property value if you live in a rural area or where hunting is popular.  A custom gun safe gives you selections that a prebuilt safe cannot. While typical gun storage is contingent on predetermined measurements, a custom build can offer whatever you need. So, whether you want a small cabinet for a few pieces or a large built-in, Reliance Cabinetry will build a stately chamber.  Call Reliance Cabinetry at (912) 344-6500 today for an estimate for custom gun cabinets in Richmond Hill, GA. 
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