So you’ve just bought a vintage house. Congratulations! You’ll have plenty of great features that you can’t find in houses these days. However, let’s talk about kitchens. You don’t have to stick with an 80’s style or a kitchen with subpar functionality. Whether you need more storage, more workspace, or a modern look, a kitchen makeover is the key to your dream kitchen.

Kitchen cabinetry is an important aspect of kitchen remodeling. The right look can define your kitchen along with the rest of your home. The right style and choice of materials, as well as a realistic budget, are prime factors when choosing kitchen cabinets.

Whether you intend to do a complete kitchen makeover or merely spruce up your cooking space, you’ll need to decide whether to reface or replace your cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing vs. Replacement

What is refacing? When you reface cabinets, you remove and replace the doors, drawers, and sometimes the face frames of your cabinets but leave the cabinet boxes themselves.

Refacing is cost-effective, convenient, and saves time over replacing. It’s also eco-friendly and allows for DIY remodeling. Your kitchen can remain functional while you’re in the midst of a cabinet refacing project. You can have a new style of doors, drawers, and hardware as well as a new paint or stain color.

However, refacing will not work for every kitchen renovation project. Various factors determine whether cabinet refacing or replacement might be the best option for your home improvement project.

If you can’t afford all-new kitchen cabinets with the most recent styles and storage features, refacing would be the best route to take. However, factors indicating the need for full replacement might include:

  • Poor-quality cabinet boxes or base cabinets or worn-out existing cabinets.
  • Inefficient or non-functional cabinet layout or design – not deep or tall enough to hold your saucepans or cookie trays.
  • The need for major cabinet layouts or design changes.

A mix-and-match remodeling option might include refacing some cabinets and replacing others. This is cost-effective and practical, yet homeowners often overlook it. You could improve your base cabinets for better functionality and reface your upper cabinet doors.

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement in Richmond Hill, GA

Cabinet replacement involves removing the existing cabinetry and installing completely new cabinets. You would need to rip the cabinet box structure, including doors and face frames, from the walls.

Usually, homeowners replace the upper and bottom cabinets simultaneously. This ensures that you have matching colors, materials, finishes, and styles for a complementary look.

The main pro of cabinet replacement in Richmond Hill is that you can get a brand-new kitchen cabinet layout in a custom style or design. You’re only limited by the size and shape of your kitchen.

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