Many homeowners at some point consider changing the way that their kitchen looks. We tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and various upgrades are a great way to make the room more exciting. Many people choose to upgrade their kitchens by replacing their cabinets. The following are some things to consider when thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinets.

Is Cabinet Replacement Worth It in 2021?

This will depend on the state of the cabinets that you currently have. If your existing cabinets are falling off of the wall or have water damage, it is worth it to replace them. If you simply don’t like how your cabinets look, cabinet refacing may be a better option.

Keep in mind that it generally costs a few thousand dollars to completely replace the cabinets in a kitchen. You must consider your base cabinets, drawers, and any other custom cabinetry that you might have. If you have a lot of cabinets in your kitchen, then you could be looking at an expensive project.

When Should Cabinets Be Replaced?

There are a few signs to look for that could indicate that you need new cabinets. You could, of course, replace your cabinets just because you don’t like them. However, the following are signs that you need to replace your cabinets for health and safety concerns.

  • You have water damage. This can cause a mold issue in your home, which you do not want. Look out for warped wood, bubbling on the cabinets, and obvious signs of mold.
  • Your cabinet function is frustrating. Another sign that you might want to replace your cabinets is if they don’t function well. Cabinets that open into each other, can’t be opened simultaneously, or just frustrate you can cause you to dislike your kitchen.
  • You have soft cabinets. If you push the side of your cabinet and feel that it is soft, then you have seriously damaged cabinets. This is a sign that they could fall apart at any moment and that you need to replace them.

What Style Should My New Cabinets Have?

If you decide on cabinet replacement, consider how you want them to look. Don’t just pick something that is trendy now. Instead, choose a style and color that is timeless. The National Association of Home Builders put out a study that found that kitchen cabinets usually last about 50 years. You will want to pick a cabinet color and style that will still look good 50 years from now.

Should I Replace My Kitchen & Bath Cabinets at the Same Time?

Another thing you should consider is the other cabinetry in your house that you might want to replace. One good thing about replacing both types of cabinets at the same time is that they will look cohesive in your home. The more cabinets you replace, though, the more your project will cost.

When Cabinet Replacement Is a Better Option Than Refacing

One option that you have to consider when thinking about replacing your cabinets is refacing them instead. Cabinet refacing is simply replacing the kitchen cabinet doors instead of the entire cabinet. You might want to only replace the cabinet doors if the rest of the cabinet is in good condition.

However, if the entire cabinet is in poor condition, it makes more sense to replace the whole cabinet rather than just the kitchen cabinet door.

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