Designs Inspired by the Georgia Coast Line and Other Areas

Don’t you love the beach style and coastal kitchen designs of waterfront homes? Maybe you’ve rented vacation houses at the beach and fallen in love with their style.

However, you don’t need to live by the ocean to have a kitchen with a relaxing, beachy design. You can add subtle elements from this style to your kitchen if you choose a coastal kitchen remodel.

The well-known coastal design has two different styles: the classic and the casual.

The classic East Coast style usually has softer grays, darker blues, and may incorporate nautical stripes and other ship-oriented elements for a statement design.

The casual design is the more natural, tropical look. These kitchens have greenery, wood elements, and natural textures. The colors are usually tan and green and have woven fabrics to add attractive designs and textures.

Light Colors are trending in coastal kitchen remodel projects

Most Atlantic coastal styles have neutral colors for the kitchen. The most popular colors are light green, light blue, soft grey, dark blue, or white. The light colors make the kitchen appear brighter.

Some kitchens also use these brighter colors as an accent. For example, the kitchen island can be a light blue color and then have white cabinets to match. It gives an airy feel and may resemble the ocean colors.


Adding the right lights can make a significant difference to your kitchen. For a coastal kitchen remodel, you may want to change your original lighting fixtures to pendant lights. Glass pendant lights can add that nautical style and create a cleaner and brighter look.


Light-colored countertops of granite or quartz are perfect for a beachy style. The quartz design may reflect sandy beaches or pebbles on the shore.

Designs for Luxury Coastal Kitchen Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are simple and modest and harken back to New England, making them the best choice for a classic coastal kitchen remodel. In addition, you may want fixtures that provide a nautical, sea-oriented environment like the inside of a ship.

The cabinets should be light in color and have a minimal design handle. However, you can use a slightly darker shade and add light-colored elements to other kitchen areas. You don’t want too dark and moody a kitchen if you want it to feel “beachy.”

Another great cabinet design is glass-front cabinets. They will help your kitchen look more open, and you can display beautiful decor pieces. Also, since you can see inside the cabinets, you can paint them to add more color to your kitchen.

A coastal kitchen remodel doesn’t have to include all of these design elements, and you don’t have to live on the coast to have a beach-inspired kitchen. However, by adding some of the recommended designs, you can transform your kitchen into one that resembles the luxury coastal kitchens by the beach or on the Georgia islands.

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Edward Myers