Tap into the Coastal Kitchen with Dark Cabinets Trend

Coastal kitchens with dark cabinets and accents are all the rage in Savannah. Shades of gray, brown, beachy blue color scheme and black colors replace white kitchen with light colors, like white and beige. But what separates these kitchens from your typical kitchen remodel? Coastal kitchens are inspired by the classic coastal design lines and colors of the area. Savannah, Georgia, is popular for its historic architecture and coastal landscape. So, it’s no surprise that the design of coastal kitchens is an important part of the trend. For one thing, coastal designs are a great way to bring in the natural beauty of the area. You can choose from a variety of different materials, including wood and stone. You’ll also see a lot of open shelving, which is great for showcasing your favorite pieces to display in your kitchen.

Dark Colors Are Trending in Savannah Kitchen Remodel Projects

Darker colors are trending in Savannah kitchen remodel projects, so be sure to incorporate bold pieces like black granite countertops into your design! Embrace dark colors like navy and green. They add depth and warmth to the room without making it feel too heavy or overpowering. If you need to repaint your cabinets, now is the time!

Natural Lighting

Another important aspect of any coastal kitchen remodels project is lighting! You want lighting that looks like it belongs in a beach house rather than an office building. The best way to do so is by incorporating natural light into your design wherever possible. You can also add small pendant lights over the island or peninsula or under-cabinet lighting to create a bright and open space.

Contrasting Countertops

Dark countertops are also very popular in coastal kitchens because they help create an atmosphere that feels more like home on the beach than indoors. If you are looking for something unique to complement your coastal style, consider a marble backsplash or granite countertops that add color contrast to your cabinets while still looking clean and sleek.

Dark Wood Cabinets

The first thing you want when redesigning your coastal kitchen is new cabinets. The most popular option for cabinets is dark-style cabinets with either soft-close doors or sliding doors on the bottom rack. You can find these types of cabinets in many different colors, including light wood or dark wood like oak or maple, making them perfect for any coastal theme!

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel that takes design cues from the sea and sand, you can try the nautical style, which features dark gray kitchen cabinets, white counters, and light floors. The look is inspired by the sand on the beach and the ocean beyond it. You can also try beachy cabinets that feature dark cabinets, white counters, and light floors.

Design Ideas for Coastal Kitchens

You don’t have to apply all these tips to create a great-looking coastal kitchen with dark cabinets. Nevertheless, integrating these design elements ensures you create a warm and welcoming beachy space that’s perfect for entertaining. For further inspiration, call the Reliance Cabinetry LLC team at 912-344-6500 to schedule a consultation in the Savannah, GA, area!
Edward Myers