Custom cabinetry in Savannah, GA, is booming, and people are taking notice. Every year, our cabinet remodeling team processes hundreds of calls from clients who want to get a higher resale value on their current homes in Georgia. Some want a more energy-efficient place to cook in their condos or a less cluttered space to make food for their growing families. If you’re looking to build your dream kitchen complete with well-appointed counters, center islands, and custom cabinets that can store every cooking utensil in the book, Savannah is the place to be. In this explainer, our professional kitchen cabinet contractor at Reliance Cabinetry will outline the top reasons Savannah is fast becoming a real estate haven for amateur and professional cooks with a flair for interior design.

What Makes Kitchens in Savannah Homes Different from the Rest of the Country?

In the early 1700s, Savannah was a British port and a growing center of commerce and trade in the South. Its first settlers had access to a broad range of wares and design ideas from Europe, Colonial Britain, and the West Indies. The Savannah River gave ships easy transport from the American South to the Atlantic Ocean. Farming, fishing, and other coastal activities were the engines of living in Savannah for a long time. You can find the reflection of these sea-based roots in the aesthetic of its residential kitchens even today. Most kitchen cabinets in Savannah have a mix of Victorian and coastal attributes. The defining qualities of a coastal kitchen are:
  • Nautical patterns and accents on light wood surfaces
  • Streamlined white or blue fixtures that pair well with roman shades, flat-woven rugs, and curtains
  • Reclaimed wood and other recycled materials with all-wood or glass-front doors
  • Rounded and lighthouse inspired pulls and knobs

Savannah Kitchens and the Georgia Coastline

Savannah kitchens carry an unmistakable influence from the Georgia coastline. Whether you are walking into one with a minimalistic aesthetic, a futuristic design language, or an Italian or French flair, the Georgia coastline will always be in the back of your mind. Pastel beige and blue counter chairs line the center islands as sea-blue cushions on white bar stools populate beverage areas. Cabinetry is always wood in variations of soft blue-gray colors that help the eyes relax. Some homeowners use flat-panel doors to accentuate light wood floors and coastal ceramic tiles.

New Kitchen Design Ideas for Cabinetry in Savannah

Cabinetry from Savannah evokes the feeling of being on vacation. It usually does not pair well with industrial design elements like slate floors and metal tables. However, it helps homeowners store crockery, seasonings, jars, cutlery, and other non-perishable items just as efficiently as its Scandinavian or Japanese counterparts. Mesh cupboard doors made with burnished wires, brass handles in diamond-cut, and pottery displays that make pale backsplashes a joy to look at are experiencing a revival. If you want to know which cabinet design elements will work with your kitchen, call our remodeling team, and we’ll give you a free consultation.

Learn More About Cabinetry in Savannah by Calling Expert Designers

Cabinetry in Savannah is all about turning the garish and industrial features of inner-city kitchens into relaxing design elements that make cooking a rewarding experience. Contact our remodeling team today, and we’ll help you build the coastal kitchen of your dreams. Call us at 912-344-6500 for a free consultation.    
Edward Myers