If you’re thinking about freshening up your kitchen, a crucial decision would be narrowing down the plethora of kitchen cabinet styles available. How do you know which cabinet style is perfect for your kitchen? The trick is to compare and contrast as many styles as possible.

This article weighs some of the most popular cabinet styles to streamline your selection process.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life For Cabinets and More

The right cabinet can transform the space, while the wrong one can undo your best effort at updating your kitchen’s look and feel. These seven popular designs might be perfect if you want cabinets that never go out of style:

Shaker Cabinets

Shakers are by far one of the most popular kitchen cabinets because they are cheaper and more accessible than other options. You can identify them easily by the recessed center and five-unit door. 

These cabinets are available in various colors, but grey and white dominate stores and design guides. They are a safe option, effortlessly complementing various kitchen styles.

Louvered Cabinets

Have you ever seen cabinets that look like standard window shutters? You might have been looking at louvered cabinets. They are similar to window blinds with the arrangement of narrow wood slabs.

These cabinets are more common in bathrooms and laundry rooms. However, increased adoption by top kitchen designers means it is no longer unusual to find them in a kitchen setting.

Traditional Style Cabinets

Traditional cabinets sport various colors, including yellow, blue, and pale green. You can also find options with a wood grain appearance. They have the appearance of shaker cabinets but typically feature a convex center and rectangular groove in front.

This is the style most common in older homes. However, you can still buy these timeless traditional cabinets in most hardware stores.

Farmhouse Cabinets

If you love the warm charm of farmhouse décor, consider installing farmhouse cabinets. These units remain extremely popular for their textured, woodgrain look. For instance, a barn door aesthetic on the cabinets easily gives a kitchen a farmhouse look while complementing other wood accents and rich tones.

Bohemian Cabinets

Bohemian décor fizzled out after the 1970s but has recently made a surprisingly strong comeback. Typically, these Bohemian cabinets incorporate unique designs in bright colors. However, there’s no reason you can’t go with muted colors if you have already settled on brighter kitchen décor.  

Boho cabinets have a casual but artistic appearance. They’re a perfect canvas on which to display a bold personality or some cultural appreciation.

Craftsman Cabinets

These are one of the more popular kitchen cabinet styles, primarily in the form of handcrafted cabinets from small-scale woodworkers or small businesses. The distinguishing factor for these types of cabinets is that manufacturers don’t usually paint them (paint would hide the woodworker’s effort!)

Mediterranean Cabinets

Mediterranean cabinets offer a historic and authentic appearance. The category is broad but incorporates the type of cabinets you might expect to see in an old European home in Greece, France, or Italy. It is a beautiful kitchen cabinet style that will take you back in time but may not fit into kitchens designed for more contemporary cabinet styles.

Six Alternative Styles for Unique Kitchen Cabinets


Glass Cabinets

Have you always wanted to turn your rich chinaware collection into an art exhibit? Glass cabinets are a great choice.

Typical glass cabinets do not incorporate solid glass all the way through. Instead, they are wooden cabinets with wood-framed glass doors. Most designs offer a choice between grid or panel styles, both of which add plenty of appeal to any kitchen. The glass front reflects more light, ensuring your kitchen will feel bigger and more spacious.

Asian Style Cabinets

These cabinets hail from Japan, China, and Thailand. They come in two primary styles:

  • Eccentric, warm, and historic: This style incorporates bright paintings on simple wood grain cabinets for a more traditional Asian aesthetic.
  • Simple, sleek, and contemporary: This version allows you to choose a cabinet that best fits your modern kitchen with a minimalistic appeal.

Metal Cabinets

You’re unlikely to see steel or chrome cabinets in a residential kitchen. However, there is nothing stopping you from exploring this industrial kitchen storage trend for a space that seems like a good fit. Metal cabinets are durable and modern.

If you do go with this style, remember that shiny metals are fingerprint magnets that will reflect light. Be sure what you’re signing up for before you make the switch.

Island Cabinets

Do you want to make your kitchen cabinets the centerpiece of your design? Install a large kitchen island with cabinets around it so that you can store everything out of sight while leaving your kitchen walls bare. Combined with a utility closet, a pantry, or an overhead pan rack, these practical kitchen cabinets maximize your kitchen’s space.

Slab Cabinets

These modern units have uncluttered fronts devoid of indentions or grooves. They are similar to shaker designs but with a single panel (instead of five) and little to no hardware. The style is versatile, so you can find options made of your preferred material.


Do you want to ditch cabinets completely? Install shelves. They operate like cabinets minus the cover in front.

You can install shelves made of metal, glass, wood, and other materials to make your kitchen feel more open. They work well for a range of kitchen styles if you don’t mind stored items being visible as you walk into the kitchen.

Find the Perfect Cabinets for Your New Kitchen

With so many cabinet styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Make the right choice, and you’ll avoid buyer’s remorse after installing your stunning new kitchen cabinets. One way to do that is by working with experienced professionals like Reliance Cabinetry.

We can provide the guidance you need on kitchen cabinets you’re sure to love. Ask us anything, from kitchen cabinet finishes to how to get the most from your next kitchen cabinet installation project.

Call Reliance Cabinetry at (912)-344-6500 today to go over some gorgeous kitchen cabinet styles or anything other features you need for your Georgia home.


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