When building or renovating your kitchen, you need to install durable and attractive cabinets. Well-designed cabinets allow easy access to your kitchenware and food items stored in the cabinets. Wood for kitchen cabinets with quality hardware like pulls, knobs, or grips will give your kitchen a unique look. But there are different woods used to make kitchen cabinets. Which is the right wood? Read on to learn how to choose the right wood for kitchen cabinets.

Consider Durability While Selecting Wood For Kitchen Cabinets

Durability is a critical factor to consider when choosing wood for your cabinets. You want a durable wood that remains in top shape for the longest time possible. You don’t want cabinets that will stain easily or get damaged easily. Consider mahogany or hickory kitchen cabinets if you want wood that can last a lifetime. Also, maple, cherry, and oak make durable cabinets. Pine is a good wood but nicks and cracks pretty easily. Pricing is a Key Factor to Consider  Different wood kitchen cabinets are available at different price tags. Some are pretty expensive; others are affordable. Mahogany, cherry, and maple kitchen cabinets are relatively more expensive than most common hardwoods. If you are on a tight budget, you can go for pine, oak, hickory, and other affordable hardwood cabinets. But the price can also depend on whether the cabinets are ready to assemble or customized. Additionally, the design, frame, and hardware can affect the pricing of wood cabinets. Trendy or Luxurious Woods? Oak is the most common wood used to make kitchen cabinets. The wood is versatile and comes in a natural or honey finish. If you want something popular and modern, you can choose oak cabinets. If you don’t want something trendy but want to create a unique look throughout the home, you can go for cherry or mahogany wood cabinets matching your existing furniture at home. Additionally, if you want something luxurious, mahogany, cherry and maple are the best options for you. Resistance to Staining Kitchen cabinets can easily get stained by some foodstuff and fluids in the kitchen. You want a wood that is resistant to staining. Some woods like pine can easily get stained and require repainting to maintain the new look. However, woods like mahogany, oak, maple, and cherry show up beautifully through stains and paints. Such woods require minimal maintenance, saving homeowners money and time in the long term. Why Choosing the Right Wood for kitchen Cabinets is Essential? When you choose the right wood for your kitchen cabinets, it will likely improve the value of your home. Well-designed cabinets give your kitchen a unique look and can even make your home sell fast if you want to sell it. Additionally, durable, stain-resistant wood cabinets last longer. When you have such wood cabinets in your home, you can save big money in the long term as they require minimal maintenance and can even last a lifetime. Also, choosing the right wood for kitchen cabinets can ensure a uniform look in your home. Some hardwood cabinets like mahogany, cherry, and others can match your furniture and other decors in the home. It is also fulfilling to have hardwood cabinets you have always wanted to have in your home. Therefore, just choose suitable wood cabinets, and you will have your dream kitchen.  
Edward Myers