Coastal kitchen cabinet ideas are popular in Georgia because they match the sunny climate and beach atmosphere. The soft hues, natural elements, and simple styling are perfect for dispelling the heat in summer.

Here are the top three ways to bring in elements from coastal kitchens and upgrade your home.

Wall Design

Nothing quite says beach home like cottage-style boards lining the wall. Make a splash in the kitchen or any room in the house by lining the walls with wood painted in light tones. A touch of sea foam green or pastel blue brings instant life to a plain wall.

Go a step further and bring the coastal theme to life with your tiling. Tiled murals add appeal in hallways, living spaces, or bathrooms. It’s also possible to find tiles made in the shape of sea creatures or sea life. Alternatively, make decorative panels using seashells you collect.


With lighting for coastal kitchen designs, think subtly. Track lighting brightens the room, while task lighting illuminates key artworks or workspaces. Coastal kitchen cabinet ideas that incorporate LED lighting strips underneath make it easy to work on your countertop.

Simple pendant lights above the breakfast bar bring in light for the children to use while doing their homework and add an element of interest to the room.

You might bring home the theme in the living area with large driftwood lamps and a simple chandelier.

Your Kitchen Cabinets

Start with a White Kitchen Cabinet

A white kitchen cabinet fits with just about any style or color palette. White cabinetry melds beautifully with the beige tones, blues, and soft hues we associate with coastal style. They also tone in with the bold designs and Moroccan-inspired backsplashes we often find on vacation.

Gray cabinets are an excellent alternative if you feel that you want a little more color. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not look out for handles that look like shells or starfish?

Consider Flat Panel Cabinets

Coastal design usually favors simple elegance. Flat panel cabinets are preferable to heavily decorated ones when evoking a coastal cottage look. If you’d like extra interest, a simple trim adds more dimension.

This style is also easy to change later with new trim and looks amazing painted or in a natural finish. Flat panels are one of the easiest coastal styles to emulate.

Glass Front Cabinet

What many people love about beach cottages is the light, airy feel. Extend the feeling of space with open-plan living, a light, dreamy color scheme, and a glass front cabinet or two.

The glass front opens the space more and allows you to display your beautiful glassware or crockery. Carry your color theme forward with the items inside your cabinets as well.

Put Your Coastal Kitchen Design into Action

The team from Reliance Cabinetry has many more coastal kitchen cabinet ideas to delight you. If you’re ready to boost your home value with a kitchen remodel or want more kitchen design ideas, call Reliance Cabinetry at (912)-344-6500 to request a quote.


Edward Meyer