If you’re considering updating the look and feel of your home, you probably have many questions about kitchen renovation and remodeling.  Fortunately, our team of experts at Reliance Cabinetry can guide you through your renovation project from start to finish. We’ll help you brainstorm creative kitchen ideas and create a step-by-step renovation plan that will turn your old kitchen into a space you love.  In this blog, we talk about how long a kitchen project takes and the factors that can influence project time. To learn more about kitchen renovation and other services, schedule your consultation with our Reliance Cabinetry today. 

Kitchen Remodel vs. Kitchen Renovation 

First, it helps to know the difference between kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation. Remodeling projects focus on completely changing a room or adding a new space onto an existing property.  In contrast, remodeling services focus on restoring an existing space for comfort, aesthetics, efficiency, or safety. The end result doesn’t always have to look like the original and can still be a significant upgrade from the room’s current state.  By choosing a kitchen renovation instead of a complete remodel, you can save time and money while still getting the updated look and feel you want. 

Factors That Impact Kitchen Renovation Project Time 

Once you’ve chosen to renovate your kitchen, ensuring you have the budget for the project is the next critical step. In reality, many factors impact the overall cost of a kitchen renovation.  To learn more about which elements of a renovation project most impact its cost, keep reading below. For an exact estimate on your planned kitchen renovation, schedule a consultation with our Reliance Cabinetry team instead. 

Square Footage

The bigger your kitchen, the more your kitchen renovation project will likely cost. More space means more cabinets and countertops, appliances, lighting fixtures, and other elements that may need updating, repairs, or replacements. 
imagining a kitchen renovation project

Project Scope

If you only want to update one or two kitchen elements, your project may cost less than a complete renovation. Items like kitchen islands or a new kitchen backsplash with subway tiles can cost a bit but are easier to tackle in small doses. By upgrading flooring, lighting, or appliances one element at a time, you can save money and avoid overstretching your budget. 

Existing Kitchen Condition 

If you want to renovate a kitchen in extremely poor condition, your project may carry a higher price tag. In these situations, more appliances, electrical wiring, and even plumbing may need to be updated or replaced. 


Material choices matter. For example, choosing marble over wood can significantly impact your overall project costs, and accents such as pendant lights require additional installation services. 

Modern Custom Cabinets

Updating your old cabinets can influence your project’s total cost as well. Choosing open shelving options can save money and give your kitchen a unique and bohemian feel. 

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