The craft of kitchen remodeling requires a combination of artistry, precision, and strategy to create the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality. Finding the perfect Savannah kitchen remodeler to take on your project is a tremendous undertaking. How can you determine which contractor fits your kitchen remodeling project? 

Our team at Reliance Cabinetry made the process a little easier by providing a list of questions to ask the remodelers who made your shortlist.

#1 How Long Have You Been a Kitchen Contractor?

Before diving into the craft behind a kitchen remodel, you need to get an idea of the kitchen contractor’s experience. Some contractors have completed myriad construction or remodeling jobs but have little experience specific to kitchen renovations. Requesting a copy of the contractor’s business license will verify the amount of time they’ve worked in the industry. 

An established contractor will also have all necessary licenses and assist you in acquiring building permits required in Savannah, GA.

#2 What Do Your Kitchen Remodeling Services Entail?

The answer to this question should give you an idea of the contractor’s remodeling process, how long the project may take, and what you should expect throughout the project. A well-rounded kitchen contractor should assist you with the following remodeling aspects:

  • Developing a couple of satisfactory kitchen layouts from which you can choose.
  • Options for custom kitchen cabinetry in Savannah, GA to elevate and personalize your kitchen. 
  • The ability to disconnect and reconnect your appliances, plumbing, and electricity.
  • Helpful input on details like flooring, backsplash, countertops, and tile options.

#3 Do You Have a Portfolio I Can View?

A portfolio will demonstrate the remodeling company’s sense of style and how their team works with different spaces. If you’ve already shown the contractor your kitchen, request portfolio samples that reflect a similar layout. You can also ask to see finished kitchens that feature your design preferences. 

Portfolios also illustrate the contractor’s expertise. You’ll get an idea of whether they pay attention to the finer details of a project and how they execute a homeowner’s wishes. This is especially important when shopping for a Savannah kitchen remodeler who designs custom kitchens.

#4 What Do You Think Is Realistic for My Kitchen?

Request direct input from your Savannah kitchen remodeler about how they view your goals and desires. Kitchen renovation combines creativity with rigorous accuracy. The contractor’s response can help you decide whether you have an ambitious vision or your potential remodeler lacks creativity. 

Some homeowners aspire to install design elements that their kitchen simply cannot accommodate. For example, you may desire a kitchen island due to its versatility and functionality. However, your kitchen may be too small to accommodate such an installment. 

Alternatively, an unimaginative or lackadaisical remodeler might try to steer you away from a kitchen island despite a feasible installation. Talented, passionate remodelers will do their best to blend your vision with what actually works within the given kitchen space.

#5 Can This Kitchen Renovation Combine Function and Fashion?

Homeowners rarely seek kitchen renovation services out of pure functional necessity. The decision typically comes from an innate desire to make the space their own with aesthetic changes and personalized features. Thus, a skilled remodeler must compromise function with fashion at every step. 

Ask the Savannah kitchen contractors with whom you speak whether they can blend function with fashion and how they plan to do it. They can also provide experienced input that you may not have considered previously. For example, numerous homeowners get so excited about the visual possibilities that they often forget about:

  • Adequate storage space
  • Comfy seating accommodations 
  • Sufficient countertop space

You should also ask for advice about what materials to use. You might lean toward marble countertops but lack the preparation to care for such a high-maintenance rock. Perhaps you crave bright white cabinets, but spills frequently occur in your home. 

An experienced kitchen remodeler can help you make practical decisions about such details. They’ll be familiar with myriad materials, products, and colors. Their guidance can help you ensure you don’t regret a final decision after completing the kitchen renovation.

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